Oassis, the new sustainable quarter in Crissier is now ready to live in

The new Oassis quarter in Crissier is completed. KCAP designed and built two residential buildings as part of a larger ensemble of six residential buildings with 550 apartments and an office building conceived as a sustainable neigbourhood: an attractive place to live and work at the edge of Lausanne. The masterplan was designed by Swiss firm Bauart for Losinger Marazzi and Patrimonium.

Opportunity I SA. In 2016 the preexistence was demolished to start redeveloping the area to upgrade and structure the location until then characterised by urban sprawl. The project is divided into five units, open residential islands, a service centre, and a public garden. It includes the construction of 454 rental apartments, 56 condominium apartments, 100 senior living apartments, and commercial units for offices, restaurants, greengrocers, a medical centre, a nursery, and other local shops.

KCAP designed and built two residential buildings with 207 apartments of 18.300 m2, 1.000 m2 of commercial space on the ground floor, and an underground garage of approx. 7.000 m2. The apartments offer views on the inner green courtyards and the surrounding landscape, including the Alps on the horizon. The two KCAP buildings' external façade consists of prefabricated concrete elements on three levels with different surface treatments. The solution gives the façade its materiality and liveliness. It also saved time on the construction site. The overall theme of horizontal bands is continued on the inner façade with a single metal cladding.

Regarding the sustainability, the flat roofs add to the green courtyards; areas for urban gardening are available on almost all buildings. The buildings were designed entirely in BIM and stand out for their Minergie energy performance. The aim of Oassis was to create an innovative, lively, and sustainable urban quarter in response to the rising housing and service demand of a fast-developing region. The mixed neighbourhood combines urban density with a high living quality.

Client Losinger Marazzi, Patrimonium
Program two buildings with 207 apartments of 18.300 m2, 1.000 m2 of commercial space on the ground floor and an underground car park of approx. 7.000 m2
Time 2012 - 2020
Role Architect
Participating parties Bauart (urban planning), Hüsler (landscape), MFP - Facetec - Progin (facades), DSSA (electric), Tecnoservice (CVC), SD-CSD (CVC), Légumes perchés (roof gardens)

Photography: Tom Doan