Municipality of Oss selects AM with KCAP for 'Redevelopment Raadhuislaan-North’

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The municipality of Oss has selected area developer AM for the 'Redevelopment of Raadhuislaan-North' in Oss, a city in the province North Brabant, The Netherlands. The plan was assessed by a selection committee, a residents' panel and the project team. With advice from the residents' panel, the selection committee unanimously chose AM’s plan called Linck. According to the committee, the Linck plan, that is based on KCAP's architectural, urban and landscape design, presents a balanced vision for the development of the site.

Alderman Joop van Orsouw (urban development) of Oss: ‘This is the future of inner-city development in Oss.’

Marcel Janssen, senior development manager of area developer AM, is enthusiastic about the appreciation of the municipality of Oss for the plan: ‘Oss is a city of involved inhabitants and entrepreneurs, and we are proud to be able to further develop a part of this city. We are really adding value with this plan, which is characterised by a great deal of attention to connections within the area and room for encounters and collectivity.’

Linck: 'connecting and meeting each other’
In the Linck plan, encounters and meeting each other play a central role, based on clustered housing and on sharing of facilities, both indoors and outdoors. Bridges provide visible connections between the buildings. Several collective meeting spaces, such as a studio workshop and a communal greenhouse, are spread across the buildings and the storeys where residents and neighbours can meet. This is reinforced by hosting business spaces for local entrepreneurs in the plinth of the buildings. This creates a sustainable residential climate where residents and neighbours can meet and form a (social) network.

Quietness and urban activity
Linck will become a green, attractive place in Oss, as being part of the city's network, located between the shopping area in the city centre and theatre De Lievekamp at Raadhuislaan. A new residential area integrated in the structure of Oss for young and old to comfortably live, visit and stroll through. The quiet low-traffic green courtyard forms a pleasant contrast to the more active urban Raadhuislaan.Linck offers around 200 residential units, including social rent, medium rent and owner-occupied houses, all accessible barrier-free to allow everyone to live there independently for a long time. Parking for residents is organized underground.

Sustainable and involved
With this area development, the city of Oss will join the frontrunners in the field of urban development in terms of climate adaptiveness and nature inclusiveness. In the landscape design of Linck, special attention has been paid to biodiversity and by applying water storage, solar energy and thermal storage, climate adaptation is naturally integrated into the plan. Incorporating these facilities both invisibly and visibly in the plan will have a positive impact on the behaviour of the residents.Thanks to the involvement of residents and entrepreneurs, the plan will truly belong to Oss. In the preliminary stages, the municipality actively sought contact with local residents and other stakeholders. This was continued during the so-called dialogue sessions.
Entrepreneurs from Oss were also involved in the development of Linck. AM initiated 'the think tank of Linck'. The result is a solid basis for providing Oss with a workplace where local businesses can find each other and discover new opportunities.

Global Goals Oss
The city of Oss is committed to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Supported by its authorities and by the Platform Global Goals Oss. The goals are important for all new developments in Oss, so as well for Linck. Together with the think tank, much attention has been paid to this during the development of Linck. This makes Linck a part of, for and by Oss.

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