Residential Regeneration Green

Regeneration of the Uktus area into a new high quality living environment

Uktus area, the place where the city of Ekaterinburg was born, is gradually up for renewal. In the near future, the Uktus area will be densified intensively. With its strategic location between the inner city and the recreational areas of Ekaterinburg, it provides opportunities for improving the connection of the city center with its surroundings like the Uktus Mountains.

To create a quality environment, the plan needs clear character areas and in particular a heart. The center of the area is a hill where the rest of the city is visible. Here the crown of the are...

  • Ekaterinburg , Russia
  • Brusnika
  • 2013 - Ongoing
  • Under Construction
  • 25 ha residential area masterplan and first-phase architecture with 435.000 m2 GFA for 10.000 new residences, 65.500 m2 commercial program and facilities and 4.600 m2 for three kindergartens
  • Architecture
  • Masterplan