• Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • OCO (Development Combination Overhoeks, Amvest), Amsterdam
  • 2017 - Ongoing
  • Under Construction
  • 149 luxury apartments Various residential typologies Spacious outdoor spaces and a three-dimensional courtyard 97 underground parking spaces and storage rooms
  • Architecture
  • Photography: Amvest
  • Photography: Beem Flights
  • Photography: KCAP
  • Visualization: zesxzes
  • Inside both buildings, a special spatial access with natural daylight forms a sculptural accompaniment to the route to the individual home. Outside, the buildings are robustly embraced by sturdy brick grid façades with deep-lying façade openings. The grid pattern creates a visual unity between the two buildings that together form a block of character. In it, the entrances and commercial corner on the Dockland road have been designed as spatial distinctions. The combination of light gray brickwork and contrasting champagne-colored accents results in a luxurious appearance.

    The vertical green balcony walls emphasize the feeling of a green three-dimensional oasis in the city. These so-called green walls have been an important element for us from the start; together with the landscape design by Buro Sant en Co, they give the feeling of a rich, valley-like, green inner world.

    These green walls are not just a nice feature, they contribute to making the urban environment more sustainable. Cities are getting warmer and biodiversity is coming under increasing pressure. The green walls, the inner garden and the green roof of the buildings together contribute to reducing heat stress in the city and also help to make the city more bio-diverse.

    Moreover, it is important that the blocks have the same recognizable scale as the surrounding blocks. This is how the idea of the twins came about. So we consciously opted for two separate blocks, which together make a statement, they belong together and you can't just put one of the two buildings down.
    Irma van Oort, Partner KCAP