Education Renovation Campus

Redevelopment strategy for an inner-city campus area

Leiden University is the Netherland’s oldest university. It has a strong international reputation and an ambition to expand. For the Humanities Faculty, KCAP created an urban redevelopment strategy including the partial renovation of existing buildings, the addition of new buildings and the expansion of educational program. In the center of the faculty, a new heart will evolve to create an inviting learning environment.

The urban development plan offers a future-proof framework with a strong identity. A new central outdoor space ensures cohesion between the various buildings and institutions. Central functions ...

  • Leiden, Netherlands
  • University of Leiden
  • 2014 - Ongoing
  • Ongoing
  • Urban plan and visual quality plan for Leiden’s Faculty of Humanities with extending the educational program Partially renovation of existing buildings Design of new building
  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Research & Development