Waterfront Transformation Harbor

Living and working on the Danube, by the water and in the countryside

A lively quarter for living, working, culture and leisure will be created on the 18 hectare former shipyard area. The main theme of the urban development concept is a cautious transformation of the area and the integration of existing structures and characters into the new area. The site's location along the Danube, together with the spacious harbor basin and the floodplain landscape create quality and identity. Additionally, the local recreation, leisure and cultural facilities, and the existing industrial heritage with its striking building structures and numerous listed historical building monuments create an enduring character.

The urban concept for the 'New Shipyard Quarter' offers a mixture of urban living and working, washed by the Danube Floodplain Park and water. The harbor basin forms a generous urban center and ...

  • Korneuburg, Austria
  • SEFKO, WRG Werft Revitalisierungs GmbH
  • 2016 - 2018
  • Completed
  • Mixed residential area with total 191.271 m2 104.076 m2 GFA for approx. 2000 inhabitants, commercial 35.975 m2, social infrastructure 10.356 m2, other use 40.864 m2
  • Architecture
  • Urban Design